"Established Excellence Since 1979 "

BERM traces its origins back to 1979 in Lebanon, where it was founded by the visionary Mr. Rodolphe Mattar. Since its inception, the company has become a stalwart in the realm of structural design and consultancy, boasting a legacy marked by the successful completion of over 2,500 engineering projects across Lebanon, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. BERM’s dedication revolves around our core values providing reliable, innovative and sustainable engineering solutions in collaboration.

At BERM, reliability is a fundamental aspect of our firm.
Our top priority has always been and will continue to be providing high-quality designs that result in safe and economically efficient structures.

Innovation is a core value at BERM. For decades, our firm has thrived by embracing creativity in our designs. Staying on top of industry innovations and approaching our projects holistically empowers us to consistently deliver efficient and cutting-edge designs.

At BERM, we believe that harmonious cooperation within the team and with all project stakeholders is essential for successful outcomes.
The engrained sense of integrity and accountability demonstrated by our members cultivate the trust required to achieve precisely that.

At BERM, our ultimate objective is the well-being of life.
Infusing sustainable principles into our designs serves as a testament to this central goal. We consistently strive to exceed mere adherence, going the extra mile to achieve the optimal product for the society we all share.

“Elevating lives through passionate, dedicated, and innovative structural engineering.

We firmly believe that complete and exclusive dedication to every facet of structural engineering is crucial for maintaining relevance amidst the dynamic demands of both today's and tomorrow's construction industry.

Under the leadership of Mr. Rodolphe Mattar, whose passion for structural engineering manifested from an early age and permeated through his academic and professional journey, BERM has emerged as a leader in the local and regional markets. The firm's trajectory into high technical complexity projects has solidified its reputation in the field of structural engineering.

How We Do It?



With 350+ years of combined experience, BERM features a team of structural engineers prepared for any challenge. Our collective expertise is dedicated to each project, emphasizing our commitment to excellence, regardless of size and type.


Global Presence

With a successful global track record, BERM navigates diverse landscapes and regulatory frameworks efficiently. Our expertise and local insights enable versatile, compliant project undertakings worldwide.


Technology Integration

At BERM, we embrace progress by using the latest tools and software. Our commitment to technological innovation ensures precise and efficient designs that meet the dynamic demands of the industry.


Quality Control

At BERM, quality is our commitment. Through rigorous internal processes and quality control, we ensure safe and innovative designs that consistently exceed expectations in every project.



At BERM, we foster strong connections through seamless communication. Our tri-lingual team (English, French, Arabic) brings clarity and transparency to every collaboration; adapting seamlessly to international project dynamics.

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