About Us

Bureau D'Etudes Rodolphe Mattar

An established name in the field of structural design and consultancy since 1979. BERM has successfully delivered over 2,000 engineering projects in Lebanon, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. It is your partner of choice for reliable, innovative, economical and sustainable engineering solutions.

What We Do

Structural Design & Consultancy For New Buildings and Structures.
Structural Design & Consultancy For Civil Engineering Projects.
Structural Addition & Modification Design For Existing Buildings and Structures.
Structural Assessment & Rehabilitation Design For Existing Building & Structures.
Design & Peer Review of Existing or Ongoing Structural Design.
Construction Supervision For All Structural and Civil Engineering Related Works.
Project Management.

Our team and office are lauded for their practical and comprehensive solutions. We believe that it is our particular attention to details that denotes the quality of or projects.

Who We Are

The BERM team consists of experienced structural engineers and experts that develop the projects from the concept stages till complete implementation; making sure there is minimal compromise in the intended architectural ideas and functions and complete synergy with the building’s electrical, mechanical and other technical systems.

We put heavy emphasis on the cooperation between the different disciplines involved in all our projects to ensure their success with minimum delays.

The majority of the BERM team is fluent in the English, French, and Arabic languages, allowing us to provide structural design and analysis services that span the globe; and if requested, be present on site for consultancy, supervision and/or assessment missions.

Keeping up with the standard practices of the international Architecture / Engineering / Construction (A/E/C) industry, the BERM team is proficient in structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes for the delivery of successful well coordinated projects despite budget and schedule constraints.


BERM’s founder, Mr. Rodolphe Mattar is a driven individual and passionate about everything engineering, these traits were apparent at an early age and carried on through school, university and his professional career. His unrelenting interest in new challenges led to his firm taking on structural engineering projects of high technical complexity and scope. This establishment BERM as a leader in the local and regional markets and its name earned recognition in the field of structural engineering and consultancy.

1968-1973 Mr. Rodolphe Mattar graduated “Major” (First in his class for 5 consecutive years) from E.S.I.B. (Mansourieh Lebanon)

1973-1974 Mr. Rodolphe Mattar was granted a scholarship from the French Government and attended C.H.E.C. | C.H.E.B.A.P. (Paris, France) where he obtained a Certificate of Achievement in Structures, Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete.

1974-1979 Mr. Rodolphe Mattar worked at B.E.T. Techniconsult and Cabinet Henri Colboc in Lebanon and Paris, France respectively where he was involved in the structural design of a number of projects, notably: The Extension of the Beirut International Airport in Beirut Lebanon, The Ammik bridge over the Litani river in the Bekaa Lebanon, the extension of the National Cement Plant in Chekka Lebanon, and new Train Stations in Paris.

1979-Present Mr. Rodolphe Mattar returned to Lebanon where he founded his own structural design office Bureau d’Etudes Rodolphe Mattar.

Today, after almost forty years of continuous and consistent presence in the industry, BERM is looking ahead for new challenges and to strengthen its presence on the international scene.

Our Philosophy

RELIABILITY in Maintaining a high quality of work under changing circumstances.
INNOVATION in finding solutions to challenging engineering problems.
ECONOMY in performing internal Value Engineering for all our projects.
SUSTAINABILITY in encouraging the adoption of construction methods as well as building systems that are less compromising to the environment.

Our Focus: Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work.